Adeudos Sepa (Sepa Direct Debit)


SEPA direct debit in XML format


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Adeudos Sepa (Sepa Direct Debit) is a program that lets you easily generate all the necessary files for direct debits in XML ISO 20022 format. This is the standardized and mandatory format for all direct debits since February 2016. In any case, you can find more information on the topic from your bank's website.

The interface in Adeudos Sepa (Sepa Direct Debit) is as intuitive as a program of its kind can be. What this means is, it's relatively simple, but if you don't know anything at all about direct debit, then you'll have a pretty hard time using this program.

Adeudos Sepa (Sepa Direct Debit) is a pretty useful app that, to be even more useful, offers an online manual that you can access directly from the program itself (and also from the creator's official website).
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